Welcome to the Annual North Shore Give Auction and Gala

* * The 2024 NS Give Charity Auction has now ended * *

Welcome to the Kauai North Shore

North Shore Give and KNSCF

North Shore Give is an initiative of the Kauai North Shore Community Foundation (KNSCF). The KNSCF serves as a catalyst that responds to community needs and anticipates future challenges to improve the quality of life for everyone on the North Shore of Kaua’i. Proceeds are used to achieve these goals.

Currently KNSCF is involved with educational activities (which includes existing schools on the Kauai North Shore as well as the new Namahana School), coordinating a resilience plan for the Kauai North Shore, various health and wellness projects as well as projects benefiting our keiki and kupuna.

2024 Auction is Closed!

Although you can still view the items, the auction has ended. Financial donations are still gladly accepted. Mahalo. 

Auction Categories

Flights, lodging on the islands, the mainland, and even an African Safari.

Helicopter rides, golfing, fire shows, sauna’s and cold plunge contrast therapy.

Paintings, books, clothing, crafts and a special painting by Hanalei School Kids!

Private catering, lunch with the mayor, movies on the big screen, custom surfboards and more!

Restaurants, Bakeries, Deli’s and even sandwiches delivered to your doorstep.

Accessories for your homes, solar, landscaping and various local products.

Collectible wines, one-off tequila bottles and baskets of other drinking delights.

Kauai North Shore Give Foundation

North Shore Give Our Core Principles

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

Anne Frank

"Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?"

Martin Luther King Jr

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

Winston Churchill
Kauai North Shore Give Foundation

Gala Evening - February 21

The Kauai North Shore Give Charity Gala will be hosted at the 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay on Wednesday February 21.

The award winning 1 Hotel Hanalei is perched on the Princeville bluff overlooking the breathtaking Hanalei Bay and surrounded by the lush tropical flora that is the North Shore of the Garden Island. Our deepest appreciation to the 1 Hotel Hanalei for stepping up to be our lead donor of the 2024 North Shore Give Charity Auction and Gala.

Mahalo nui loa!

Frequently Asked Questions

The online auction runs from Februray 7 through 9PM on Februray 21, 2024. Ten (10) items / products are auctioned live during the North Shore Give Gala the evening of Februray 21. Auction time during the Gala is approximately 8PM and 8:30PM.

The annual online North Shore Give Charity Auction is open to anyone.

The North Shore Give Auction is managed by The Kauai North Shore Community Foundation (KNSCF), a non-proft founded in 2012. KNSCF has been incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization and also operates under its dba North Shore Give. For more information visit knscf.org

Our IT team works actively behind the scenes to minimize and prevent fraud and other site abuse. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact us. 

  • Items donated for auction will be showcased online from February 7-21, 2024, on our website org.
  • All items donated will have a title, description, at least one image (usually more), name of donor (plus featured page for all donors), and a start price.
  • Cash donations will also listed on the Donors page.
  • Donors/sponsors have the option to remain anonymous.
  • Should you require a W9 form please email April McGinnis at amcginnis@knscf.org
  • NS Give retains the right to accept or decline any donation.
  • Go to northshoregive.org/register
  • Registration requires you to provide the following details: Name, Mobile number, Email and valid credit card.
  • You will receive a “New Account Notification” via email so remember to check your “In box” or if you don’t find it your “Junk mail.”
  • If your bid is the highest bid for any item/product at 9pm (Hawaiian time) on Februray 21st you will automatically be sent an ”Auction Win Notification”

There are approximately 100 items /products listed in the auction. Once you find an auction item you wish to bid on, you will need to bid amount listed next to the item to become the highest bidder. This bid is pre-populated automatically by the auction software.

After placing your bid, you will receive  a “Custom Bid Notification” advising you are in the lead. You will receive this both via email and SMS.

Yes you can bid on the North Shore Give auction by using any device that you normally use to access the web. You will have to log into the North Shore Give website (www.northshoregive.com/login ) from each device so that the auction software knows its you and can track of all your activities. There is also a “Log In” at the top of the auction website as well as at the very bottom.

If another bidder places higher bid and you will be out bid and the auction software will will notify via email and SMS that this has occurred.

Should this happen – please go back to the item and bid again. You can continue doing so until February 21st.

The approximately 100 items up for auction have been placed in 7 categories for easy searching are are simply there for your convenience. The auction categories are:

  • Accommodation & Travel
  • Activities & Wellness
  • Art, Books & Jewelry
  • Collectables & Experiences
  • Dining & Restaurants
  • Hawaii & Local
  • Wine & Liquor

All items have a “Reserve Price” or starting bid which is the is the lowest price that will be accepted for an item / product being auctioned.

If we provided a value, it is our estimate of the “Fair market value” (FMV) often the item / product being auctioned and refers to the price we believe the item would normally sell for in the open market. When bidding on items for a charitable auction, people may pay less or more than the FMV for an item.

Incremental bids are automatically set and varyies item to item. A general guideline is:  

  • Reserve price of under $250 the incremental bid is usually $10.
  • If the reserve price is between $250 and $500 the incremental bid is usually $25.
  • If the reserve price is between $500 and $1,000, the incremental bid is usually $50.
  • If the reserve price is between $1,000 and $2,500, the incremental bid is usually $100.
  • If the reserve price isover $2,500, incremental bid is usually $250.

No. When you place a bid online at NS Give you are entering into a legally binding contract to purchase the item you bid on.  The auction software has not been set up to allow   bids to be withdrawn or canceled.

A special “Buy Now” button has been added to some items. If you don’t wish to take a chance on  being outbid  you can use the “Buy it Now” (where and when it is available).  In the instances where you click on the “Buy Now” button you will win the item instantaneously and the item / product will be removed from the auction process.

You will almost immediately receive a “Buy Now Notification” email and SMS congratulating you on winning this item and inviting you to complete the transaction.

To win, you must have submitted the highest bid for the item you wishas at the end of the auction. The auction ends 9 PM Hawaiian-Aleutian Standard Time on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. If you are the winning bidder, you will be automatically be r sent a congratulatory “Auction Win Notification” email requesting you to  complete your transaction.

Payment can then be via the credit card you placed on file with use during Registration, any different card if you may choose, or via Paypal.

Yes a 4.712% GET tax is payable on all auction purchases and will be added to the total of your auction bid when you are asked to finalize payment.

Funds are used to benefit residents that live on the North Shore of Kauai.

North Shore Give strives to be the heart of Kaua’i’s North Shore by being the principal community resource that connects nonprofits, donors, and other organizations; being the central hub of information; and leading or supporting critical initiatives that affect the North Shore.

After winning the bidding for a specific item / product you will be given  2 days to finalize your transaction.  You can do this by paying via a credit card or Paypal. If you do not close out the transaction the software will automatically send you a reminder every day. 

Once payment has been finalized you will receive a “Completed Order Notification.” A separate tax receipt will also be sent to you later from the North Shore Give / Kauai North Shore Community Foundation accounting team.

You will also be emailed how you can collect your winning item. Many items can be emailed to you,  while all the rest will be available for pick up  in Princeville immediately following the end of the auction. If you are unable to pick the item up, we will assist with a delivery to your home as long as it is on the North Shore.

If you need the item to go elsewhere, please reach out to Maylette Garces at (858) 243-3068 and she will assist in have your winning item shipped. Shipping costs will be for your account and need to be pre-paid before shipment.

All buyers and donors should consult their own tax advisors to determine the appropriate tax deduction they should claim. North Shore Give will provide buyers details of the items they won and confirm the amount paid for each item.

Our estimate of Fair Market Value (FMV) is placed on the auction website but should only be used as a guide. For tax purpose each person should self-determine what they consider the market value to each respective item to be.

Please send an email to our Executive Director, Maylette Garces at maylette@knscf.org and we will reach out to discuss.


Be Informed When the Auction Goes Live

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Receive a reminder before the Auction Closes